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Kristen talks with Just Jared + shoot


Just Jared: Congratulations on Frozen, it’s the highest grossing animated film ever!

Kristen Bell: Yeah, it’s insane! It’s really exciting.

JJ: Are you planning on doing more family films now that you have your daughter, Lincoln?

KB: Yes and no. I certainly would love to do work that she will see and enjoy soon-ish. But I don’t feel like my choices as an actress will necessarily change. Even when I do sexy, dark comedy stuff like House of Lies, I won’t stop doing that kind of stuff. She’ll just have to wait until she’s older if she ever sees it.

JJ: From what your parents instilled in you, what will you be instilling upon your daughter?

KB: It’s hard to conceptualize helping a new human grow. It feels like a lot of pressure in many ways. One place that I lucked out is that my parents were always encouraging the fact that self worth starts with yourself. So it’s important for me to show my daughter that she has to be proud of herself before anyone else can be proud of her.

JJ: How did you and your husband Dax Shepard meet?

KB: We met at a [Detroit] Red Wings vs [LA] Kings hockey game, about seven years ago. We had previously been at a dinner party like two weeks prior, so we had been introduced but didn’t know each other. Then at the hockey game, we saw each other from across the room, and I said, “Oh I think we went to dinner.” And we just started talking and flirting and it was on!

JJ: Where did you guys go for your first date?

KB: We went to a restaurant in the Valley on Ventura called Firefly. But it was with a big group of my friends. We were texting at that point and I said, “Oh I’m out to dinner with my friends, do you want to come?” And he was like “sure.”

JJ: What is the most romantic thing Dax has done for you?

KB: Wow… Being the father of my child is pretty romantic. It’s hard to pick one thing because he’s pretty good to me on a daily basis. We don’t not celebrate Valentine’s Day, but at the same time, I think we’re both believers in the fact that let’s spread the love the whole year. Let’s not just have one designated day to celebrate our relationship. Or let’s not have one moment. We try to kind of do it each and every day. And he does a really good job at doing that.

JJ: What’s your favorite music to listen to nowadays?

KB: I’ve been really into kind of smooth R&B jams, like Van Hunt and Sade. I think, I don’t know if it’s because the household is chaotic with the baby and it slows things down. That or Motown.

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