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Congrats Kristen Bell & Dax Sherpard

Congratulations are in order for Kristen Bell andDax Shepard, as the pair has reportedly tied the knot after almost six years together.

According to celebrity website TMZ, the couple wed in a no-frills ceremony at the Beverly Hills County Clark Office.

Bell, 33, and Shepard, 38, decided to tie the knot this year when California legalised gay marriage, and according to witnesses got married on the spur of the moment, after showing up with the intention to get their marriage license.

Apparently a court employee offered to marry them on the spot and they agreed, conducting the ceremony then and there.

Speaking earlier this month, Bell explained the delay behind the wedding: “I have to unfortunately report that we just haven’t gotten it together on a Saturday to get to the courthouse.

“But we have every intention to. We have every intention to. We wanna sign those papers. And I think we just found out that you can do it online now. What if we got married online? Print it out: ‘You guys, married! Married, everybody!’ It’s just out of laziness that we haven’t actually done it yet.”

The pair have a six-month-old daughter, Lincoln, together.


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