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Kristen may Guest Star on Once Upon a Time

Princess Anna said it herself: “This isamaaaaaaaaaazing!”

There is talk of Kristen Bell bringing her Frozen role to Once Upon a Time, and for the record, we are so not gonna let this one go!

Once Upon a Time producers Eddie Kitsisand Adam Horowitz told us they’re talking about bringing the Frozen princess characters to their ABC show—and would love Kristen Bell to guest star. So would the belovedVeronica Mars starlet actually do it?

Just click on the video above to see what Kristen Bell herself has to say about guest starring!

We think you’ll adore her response. Almost as much as you Pushing Daisies fans will appreciate the latest development from creator Bryan Fuller and star Kristin Chenowethon the Pushing Daisies revival. It looks like it’s happening, people!


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