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“Some Girl(s),” a romantic comedy-drama starring Adam Brody, Kristen Bell andJennifer Morrison, will be released June 28 on Vimeo’s on demand video service.

Written by playwright and filmmaker Neil LaBute and directed by Daisy von Scherler Mayer (“Party Girl”), “Girl(s)” debuted to positive notices at this year’s South By Southwest Film Festival in March.

According to Deadline, producers Leeden Media decided to forgo traditional release routes to get the film to audiences faster and enjoy control over the marketing. Vimeo gives filmmakers the option to set their own prices, streaming periods and regions and offers a 90/10 profit split.

“Some Girl(s)” will be priced for sale at $10 with bonus features or for rental at $5. The film will also have a limited theatrical run in New York and Los Angeles beginning June 28.

Bell already has a close association with innovative new models for filmmakers thanks to the successful Kickstarter campaign to raise money for the long-awaited “Veronica Mars” movie.


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First pix of Kristen since she had Lincoln, stepping out in front of her home on Saturday afternoon in Los Feliz, California.




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So it has been 30 days since the The Veronica Mars Movie Project started on Kickstarter and in that time it broke five records:

  • Fastest project to reach $1 million.
  • Fastest project to reach $2 million.
  • All-time highest-funded project in FILM category.
  • Third highest-funded project in Kickstarter history.
  • Most project backers of any project in Kickstarter history.

Its final total is $5,702,118 with 91,584 backers

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Are you ready to see even more of Veronica Mars? Since Kristen Bell, Rob Thomas and the gang launched their record breaking Kickstarter for the new film, it’s all anyone can talk about. Now with just three days left to the campaign, which has raised close to 5 million dollars, it’s been announced that the cast involved with the film will be at Comic Con this summer.
For those not in the know Comic Con is a convention held in San Diego every July, holding panels for the most talked about sci-fi or blockbuster films. Every year celebrities flock to the convention center to spill the details on the most-talked about projects. This year the cast of Veronica Mars will head to Comic Con to talk about their fully funded movie.
It’s a great move to get even more buzz surrounding the film. In addition, the show was staged in the fictional town of Neptune, California, so the show and cast already has that Californian vibe. One rumor that seems to be sprouting up is that the cast will reveal some footage shot from the movie, which seems a bit premature seeing asBell just gave birth. That said the team of “marshmallows” does have two solid months to shoot at least a teaser. We wouldn’t really put it past them when they have come this far.
Via the Kickstarter page, Rob Thomas confirmed that the cast will be there, but that’s the only detail he was giving to the 76 thousand backers of the Veronica Mars project.
The most interesting thing about this announcement is that it invites even more fans to come out and support the film, and of course if Comic Con is known for anything it’s for the costumes. It would be pretty great to see the fans dressed up as Veronica Mars and Logan. Stay tuned for more updates.


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