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Ladies and gentlemen,

It’s me, Kristen Bell –

There’s 2 things I really care about: the Veronica Mars movie getting made, and changing the world. You guys are already getting the Veronica Mars movie made (well played) – now I want you to come change the world with me.

There’s a human rights conference coming up August 8-11, the Fourth Estate Leadership Summit at UCLA, and for just a tiny donation to Invisible Children, you (and a friend) could be my date to it. With airfare and hotel included, you’ll get to see phenomenal bands, mind-blowing speakers, award winning films and we’ll sit together at a very special dinner Saturday night.

There’s also some awesome rewards for larger donors – including signed head shots, personalized thank you notes, and even a special sloth T-shirt the IC kids designed just for me.

I’m super excited for the Summit – and hope you’ll join me!

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